A Handbook of Chaplaincy Studies

What is chaplaincy, what do we know about the people who think and act in ways that we associate with being a chaplain, and how do we understand what chaplains attend to in their work? These were some of the questions that prompted Chris Swift, myself and Andrew Todd to recognise that there are very few sources of published knowledge relating to chaplaincy, and we therefore set about to create a substantial text on Chaplaincy Studies. It is based around four significant chaplaincy sectors - Healthcare, Military, Prison and Education Chaplaincy - and addresses some of the major themes and questions of this practical professional discipline including how it can be studied. 30 authors have contributed to the book that constitute a unique and original volume of critical inquiry and scholarship that should be of benefit to practitioners, the profession and the wider society it serves.  ISBN: 9781472434067 (Pbk) ISBN: 9781472434050 (Hbk)



Oxford textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare

The field of spirituality and health has blossomed in recent years into one that is interdisciplinary, international and vibrant. The range of scholarship, research and practical wisdom on this subject is breathtaking, and I decided the time had come for a major textbook that captured this deapth and breadth. Christina Puchalski in America and Bruce Rumbold in Australia joined me as collaborators and co-editors on this major project. Spirituality in Healthcare is an authoritative reference on the subject providing unequalled coverage, critical depth and an integrated source of key topics. Divided into six sections including practice, research, policy and training, the book brings together international contributions from over 80 scholars in the field to provide a unique and definitive resource. ISBN: 9780199571390 (Hbk) ISBN:9780198717386 (Pbk) - Mark Cobb, Christina Puchalski, Bruce Rumbold

The Hospital Chaplain's Handbook

Healthcare Chaplains in the UK have few primary texts available to them, but I discovered that a predecessor of mine at Sheffield had helped prepare an early book on the subject whose subtitle was to prove influential: A Handbook for Hospital Chaplains and others of the Clergy who visit Hospitals (ed. Cox, 1955). My handbook is based upon practical experience and practical theology and provides both a resource for chaplains and a critical reflection on chaplaincy in the context of the UK health service.  The core of the book addresses the primary work of chaplains in clinical areas and includes case vignettes to illustrate key themes and practices. This is underpinned by chapters on care across the life-course, professional practice, faith diversity, and the role of liturgy and ritual in healthcare. The book embodies the pastoral cycle and aims to illustrate the challenges and pastoral possibilities for all those involved in healthcare chaplaincy. ISBN: 9781853114779 - Mark Cobb

The Dying Soul

My clinical specialty is palliative care, and I became involved with the Academic Palliative Medicine Unit at the University of Sheffield, and Trent Palliative Care Centre which together formed the Sheffield Palliative Care Studies Group (SPCSG). The then Professor of Medical Sociology, David Clark, had established a book series with the Open University Press exploring issues of death in late modern society with a strong focus on palliative care. Drawing on my clinical and teaching experience and informed by the emerging research in this field I wrote The Dying Soul for the series as a critical contribution to the concept and practice of spiritual care at the end of life. The book has received international attention including citation as a best resource by the American Congregational Resource Guide. ISBN: 9780335200535(pb) 9780335200540 (hb) - Mark Cobb

The Spiritual Challenge of Health Care

In the 90s it was clear to me that the spiritual dimension of health care was bound by simplistic religious conventions, shrouded with uncertainty, lacked a clear conceptual framework and was supported by limited opportunities for training and professional development. I worked up the idea of a national conference with a nurse colleague, Vanessa Robshaw, to encourage debate and discussion within the NHS. The first conference entitled “Body & Soul” took place in 1996 and provided a multidisciplinary perspective combining research, practice and experience. After a follow-up conference we edited a book consisting of a selection of papers from some of the key thinkers and practitioners in this field. Contributors include Julia Neuberger, Peter Speck, Grace Davie, Michael Jacobs and Linda Ross. ISBN: 9780443059209 - Mark Cobb & Vanessa Robshaw